Why do I need to get my tires rotated?

Your vehicle needs to properly be taken care of to ensure it is in the best shape. There are different types of preventative maintenance routines that not only will keep your car in check, but also save you from spending more money on expensive repairs and replacements.

One of the most important preventative maintenance routines for your vehicle is tire rotation. Tire rotation means moving each tire from on e wheel to another. The back tires get moved to the front, the left tires get moved to the right, or any other pattern that switches the tires' current placement around.

The reason we need to rotate our tires is because it keeps them from wearing out unevenly. Tire wear is inevitable since they have constant contact with the ground. However, the wear won't be the same on all four tires due to their placement. By rotating your tires, this gives each tire a different type of wear pattern over time. This helps prolong the life span of your tires and prevents you from having to purchase tires too soon.

You can check your owner's manual to know how often you need to rotate your tires. However, a general estimate is to rotate your tires about the same time you get your oil changed.

Thankfully, at American Oil Changers, we can come to you to rotate your tires. Our tire rotation service includes rotating the tires, checking and filling tire air pressure, inspecting tire tread, and a free brake inspection. Our "bring-it-to-me" service ensures your vehicle is working properly without you having to take out the time to drop it off and wait around.

Make an appointment with to get your tires rotated today!

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