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The importance of changing your brake fluid

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Most people would agree that the brake system in your vehicle is very important, not only for your car to run properly, but also for your safety. Think about the amount of times you press on your car brakes, whether it is to slow down before a red light or come to an abrupt stop to keep you from getting in to an accident. One thing that makes your brake system run properly is brake fluid, also known as hydraulic fluid.

Brake fluid is vital for moving the different components of your vehicle’s braking system. Just like engine oil is crucial to keep a vehicle going, brake fluid is crucial to stopping a vehicle. Brake fluid gives the power created by the push on your brake pedal to each one of the brake rotors. This pressure is given to the tires and in turn slows or completely stops your vehicle. Brake fluid has to work under various pressures and temperature points. However, when moisture enters through other parts of the brake system, the temperature of the brake fluid fluctuates.

If your brake fluid goes too long under these conditions, it will cause the components of our braking system to deteriorate. You want to stay clear of reaching this point of damage because rusted brake lines, calipers, master cylinders, and other components can cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs. Also without the proper amount of brake fluid, your brake system could fail completely. That is reason enough to have your vehicle/s brake fluid checked regularly!

Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to find out how often you need to get your rake fluid changed. If you’re still unsure when you should change it or suspect that something is off with your braking system, be sure to call us here at American Oil Changers for help!

The statements written above are only for readers’ informational purposes and should be verified individually.

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