Medium Duty Trucks

Replace Oil w/ Heavy Duty 15w-40 Diesel*
Replace Oil Filter
Lube Chassis
Check Brake Fluid**
Check & Fill Coolant/Antifreeze**
Check & Fill Power Steering Fluid**
Check & Fill Transmission Fluid**
Check & Fill Windshield Wash
Check & Fill Tire Air Pressure
Inspect Engine Air Filter Element
Inspect Drive Belt(s)
Inspect Cooling Hoses
Inspect for Fluid Leaks
Inspect Tire Tread
Install next service decal

Many diesel engine manufacturers recommend an oil change every 3-6 months or 7,500-15,000 miles. As a vehicle is driven, the oil and filter become saturated with dirt and debris causing additional wear, heat and friction. Keeping your truck current with its recommended service interval extends engine life and minimizes breakdowns.

Replace Fuel Filter
Replace seal(s)

Replacing your fuel filter regularly keeps your vehicle’s performance and fuel economy at its best. It also minimizes contaminants from damaging fuel components and prevents total fuel system blockage.

Rotate Tires
Check & Fill Tire Air Pressure
Inspect Tire Tread
Free Brake Inspection

Rotating your tires regularly ensures even wear which maximizes tire life.

Inspect Front & Rear Brake Linings
Inspect Rotors & Drums
Inspect Calipers & Cylinders
Inspect Hydraulic System

Your vehicle’s ability to stop is its most important operating system. If you’re experiencing any symptoms of unusual pedal feel, grinding, excessive squealing, shaking or pulling during braking, you’re vehicle’s stopping power can be significantly compromised.

Replace Entire Blade Assembly
Price Includes Both OEM Part & Installation

Bad wiper blades can drastically reduce visibility and thus reducing reaction time. Install new wiper blades every 6 months or when they don’t perform as expected.

Replace Engine Air Filter Element
Clean & Inspect Air Filter Housing Assembly

A dirty air filter can lead to decreased engine performance and efficiency. Depending on driving habits and environmental conditions, an air filter’s service life can vary greatly. Many manufacturers recommend replacement every 12,000 miles but should be replaced anytime it becomes blocked with airborne debris.

Replace Bulb that meets OEM’s specifications
Clean & Adjust if Necessary

A car’s lighting system allows drivers to see the road, obstacles and other vehicles when visibility is low due to darkness and/or adverse weather conditions.

Clean Battery, Terminals & Ground Connections
Check & Fill Battery Fluid
Inspect battery Hold-Down

Battery performance is vital to your car’s starting and running operations. Developing corrosion and low battery cell fluid can inhibit this system from performing correctly. Having this service done every 6 months prevents premature battery failure.

Use OBD Code Reader to Diagnose Check Engine Light

We can test your vehicle’s On Board Diagnostics system and determine what the problem is.